Frequenly Asked Questions

1. Can I get a free trial?

Suffix offers a 14-day free trial, sign up here.

2. How does Suffix work?

Suffix is a web app that allows anyone with an Instagram account to add clickable links to their posts, once they import them to Suffix. The clickable links can connect to any online content. Suffix creates a custom URL for each user: adding that URL to your Instagram profile, you make it quick and easy for your followers to find exactly what they liked from your Instagram feed, allowing them to get direct access to extra information about it.

3. Does Suffix offer multiple links?

Yes, Suffix offer the ability to add multiple links to a post. Simply select the option “Multiple suffixes” when editing or adding a post.

4. What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payments with Visa and Mastercard.

5. How do I customize my Suffix?

With Suffix Plus plan, we give you the ability to customize the look of your Suffix on your account settings. You can change the color, description and have your name and profile image different from your Instagram account.

6. How do I get a custom subdomain?

When you begin setting up your account, you will be prompted to choose your Suffix subdomain. PLEASE CHOOSE CAREFULLY, YOU CAN'T REDO THIS STEP. If you have any problem, contact us at

7. Can I embed my Suffix on my website?

Yes, we give you the embed code, so you are able to embed it anywhere, you just need to copy and paste it.

8. What are Google UTM’s?

Google UTM’s are information that is added to the end of a link and that allow the tracking of user engagement and navigation within a website. This means that, in a practical case of a online store, it is possible to know how many users arrived to the website via Suffix, their path inside the site and how many of those visits anode up in a actual purchase. Please keep in mind that the increased traffic and facilitated access to information promoted by Suffix can result in a indirect purchase. The user can return later on to the website ou go to a physical store to finish his or hers purchase.

The Google UTM’s are a free tool from Google Analytics and, therefore, it’s required to have a account in this platform in order to views the UTM’s results.

9. Why do you suggest me using Google UTM’s?

Through the Suffix app you’ll have access to all the statistics of views and clicks on the posts and suffixes. When you visit the analytics area of your Suffix dashboard, you’ve access to the number of clicks in the suffixes. This number indicates the number of times a users was directed to the page of the product/link assigned to it. This number of clicks is also important to understand the increasing of the generated traffic on your website caused by Suffix.

From the moment the user leaves the Suffix page and is directed to a new page in another website, we no longer can track his or hers movements, or inform you if that particular visited ended up with a purchase. For that, it would be necessary for us to have access to the source code of the final website. In order to track the end of the users path, we advise you to use Google UTM’s. With this type of links you’ll have access to the users’ movements from the moment he or she leaves Suffix and access your website to the ending of the said path. This way you’ll know if the sales made in your website came from Suffix users.

10. How do I create Google UTM’s?

We recommend the use of Google UTM’s so you can track your users’ engagement and purchases from Suffix in your own Google Analytics account.

To facilitate the process of creating the UTM’s, we recommend the free Google UTM’s builder. Here you can easily insert the link you were going to use in a suffix, fill the form fields, and get new link that is the one that you’re going to use in your suffix instead.

The UTM’s have 5 different fields:

1. Campaign Source: In this field you should always use the word “suffix”. This is the only required field and tells you the way the user arrived in your website, being represented in the “Acquisition” area of your Google Analytics.

2. Campaign Medium: In this field you should always use the word “link”. This field is used to differentiate the medium used the spread the link (email, phone, banner, etc.)

3. Campaign Name: This is not a required field but we recendem you to use it. You can place here the Suffix post ID or a name or reference that is familiar to you. This way you can distinguish the user’s origin in case that you have the same link in different posts.

4. Campaign Term: This field receives key words to identify the links. You don’t need to fill it.

5. Campaign Content: Links the field before, this one provides uma more way of differentiating the links that drove the user to your website.

See the example image

11. What if I don’t want to use UTMs?

Suffix offer in-app analytics, which allows you to better understand the engagement for each post. Our in-app analytics feature does not record sales metrics, so we recommend using UTMs with Google Analytics. 

12. Does Suffix works both in iOS and Android?

Suffix is responsive, so you can use it on any operating system of any device.

13. What if I don't want to renew?

You can cancel your plan on your account settings. The cancellation of the monthly subscription will void the scheduled payment for the following months and cease service immediately. The cancellation of the annual subscription will cease service immediately. In none of the subscription plans will the value be reimbursed for the remaining time.

14. How to disconnect Suffix from my Instagram account?

To disconnect Suffix from your Instagram account do the following:

1. Log in to Instagram (website, not in the app);

2. Go to "Authorized Applications";

3. Find "Suffix";

4. Click in the "Revoke access" button.

15. What Suffix plan is associated to the Suffix TRIAL?

Suffix PLUS, with all features.

16. What features are associated to Suffix FREE?

With Suffix FREE you can make 15 posts per month and add up to 2 links per post. You have access to the total number of Suffix page views.

17. On Suffix FREE I have only 15 posts per month? How does it work?

The counting restarts every month on your account's activation day. The count does not diminishes if you delete any posts.

18. Is there any limit for the Suffix FREE usage?

No. You can use it as long as you want. It's totally free and you don't need to provide any credit card information to have it.

19. I have Suffix FREE and I used my Suffix TRIAL time to create content that is only availabe with the Suffix PLUS functionalities. What happens to that content?

All the content on created during TRIAL will still be available on your Suffix FREE profile and dashboard. If you have any posts with more than 2 suffixes associated, they will still be available but if you edit the post you will have to reduce the number of suffixes to 2. If you have created automatic suffixes (imported your product catalogue, for instance), they will be deactivated but you can recover them by subscribing to the Suffix PLUS plan. All the remain features will be deactivated.

20. Can I upgrade from Suffix FREE to Suffix BASIC or Suffix PLUS?

Yes! You only have to add the plan that fits you better on your Suffix dashboard.

21. Can I downgrade from Suffix PLUS to Suffix BASIC or Suffix FREE?

Yes. You can downgrade your Suffix plan in the renewal plan page (in the settings area of tour daskboard). You'll still have access to all the features during the already payed period.

22. I have the Suffix BASIC or Suffix PLUS plan and I want to downgrade to the FREE one. Do you refund me?

No, Suffix does not refund any money. You will still have access to the features your already played for utill the end of the current period. For more read Terms & Conditions here.